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I'm a Product, UX, UI Designer in Denver, currently the Design Lead for an AI startup.

I've designed for clients in Boulder, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Austin, Toronto, Bangalore and Singapore. I work with bootstrapping startups and Fortune 50 companies.

Discovery, Research, Art Direction, Interaction Design, UX/UI, Visual Design

10+ years of web and application user interface design. I have a traditional print background and ad agency experience. I exited the agency world and started freelancing in 2006 as a visual designer. My design work is focused on product UX/UI. I work as a contract designer with founders, product teams and experience design teams to create UI mockups and prototypes. I help develop product goals and define or improve the UX/UI following user-centered design principles.

When possible, I design in the browser—making the move away from static comps and proprietary prototyping tools. Designing in the browser brings to surface potential pain points that are impossible to predict from static comps. Especially when designing for desktop, tablet and mobile. It also allows me to quickly develop a working prototype that clearly demonstrates functionality and interaction. Currently my main design tool is webflow, a visual coding tool.

When designing a native mobile app I use Sketch or Figma for screen views, user flow, design assets, and InVision, Principle, Flinto, or Framer for interactive prototypes. I use established UI patterns and follow Material Design and the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

I'm optimistic about tools that aid the convergence of design and development like Fuse and Supernova.

Most of my work is under NDA. What I can share should give you a clear understanding of my capability and aesthetic.

Time Inc. / Sports Illustrated Play new

Art Director, UX/UI
Team Location: Seattle, Toronto (Six Month Contract)

Tools: JIRA + Trello, Confluence, Slack, Dropbox, GoToMeeting, webflow, Adobe Creative Cloud

I led a team of senior designers to establish a consistent visual design language on Time Inc's newly created Sports Illustrated Play™ web platform to compete in a $14 billion market.

  • Collaborated in an agile team across the organization working with Head of Product, Head of Experience, DevOps, and Marketing
  • Participated in the daily scrum meeting to keep creative needs inline with each sprint
  • Created rapid prototypes in HTML/CSS to demonstrate responsive design concepts, premium features and UI enhancements
  • Marketing support to drive sales

The creative work spanned UI/UX and visual design for a 'web creator' that enabled customers to create a full featured, drag and drop team website. This included the CMS UI, editor UI, and the design of a public facing site with multiple themes.

I was responsible for creating a completely new, modern theme framework that was flexible enough to accommodate a variety of sports. The new theme needed to convey 'motion' and demonstrate a delightful tablet and mobile experience while working within the constraints of a commercial CMS.

New CMS site theme for the SI Play web creator.

I designed in the browser to create custom platform sites for top-tier clients. Customers were able to interact and review the design early in the process. This helped speed up the feedback loop. It also helped spec get to dev faster, which had a positive impact on the sales and marketing team.

Post-launch website to support marketing and meet app store requirements.

The workflow I developed was so efficient it allowed me to circle back to improve the design of existing modules that needed a rethinking in both design and functionality. I also designed new views for specific use cases. For example, a new mobile specific schedule view that prioritized the most relevant information for a customer within a specific context.

I was able to impart a modern and cohesive visual language across a variety of needs.

Sally iOS App New

UX/UI & Visual Design
Team Location: San Francisco

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud

I had a lot of fun working on these iOS app screens. They were created before Instagram introduced a black and white UI. The goal was to keep the UI as simple as possible. 

Minimal UI on the color picker.
Minimal UI on the crop profile.

The use case was straight forward, and Sketch made it very easy to get a global view to help identify any dead-ends in the user flow. Sketch also made it clear what was to be custom UI and native UI.

The app was designed for a very specific user base which was well-received.

Meetly iOS App New

UX/UI & Visual Design, Brand Identity
Team Location: San Francisco

Tools: Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud

Meetly, a micro meet-up platform for a more personal and meaningful social experience. The app lets you invite your friends or reach out to new people nearby who share your interests. You can also coordinate with the participants and keep track of your social calendar through Meetly.

A tight deadline, an app pivot, and stepping in when the existing designer abruptly left the project. I needed to start from scratch, and have the founders ready for TechCrunch Disrupt NY.

Key features:

  • Discover Meet-Ups: A place to browse what’s happening nearby
  • Public and Private Meet-Ups: Be spontaneous or stay in touch by inviting your contacts and Facebook friends
  • My Meet-Ups Calendar: Manage your social calendar and export to your calendar
  • Messages: Chat with your Meet-Up group or individual participants
  • Notifications: Conveniently manage RSVPs and updates

A simple sign up, followed by a brief profile creation flow to onboard new users. It would have been nice to simplify this even further, but each piece of user input was tied to critical app features.

Meetly User Flow in Sketch

The supplied wireframes were incomplete and coupled with a convoluted user flow and a tight deadline. I decided to go straight to high-fidelity mockups in Sketch. After a quick discovery phase with the founders, I quickly established a look and feel for the app and established a visual language.

Meetly Icons

A tight deadline didn't allow for a custom icon solution, Streamline saved the day!

We made some key features available on the Apple Watch.

Post-launch website to support marketing and meet app store requirements.