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Chris Mackintosh
Experienced Product Designer Denver, CO

I help companies of all sizes with Product Discovery & Delivery, User Research, Information Architecture, Visual Design, User Interface, Interaction Design, and Prototyping.
Brands I've worked with, Visible, Verizon, GE, DuPont, Meredith, IBM, Dow

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I'm always interested in new projects and opportunities.


Building an internal platform at Synack and new product development for next-generation cybersecurity tools.

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Visible. The first all-digital, direct to consumer carrier in the United States.
I worked cross-functionally across e-commerce and Product Growth to deliver new products and features, resulting in a significant positive impact for our customers and the business.

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I started a digital product and interface design studio in 2014, working for both Fortune 50 companies and startups worldwide. The most notable client win was the acquisition by Salesforce as a result of the work.
Chris is my prototypical designer. He is persistent at seeking the correct problem to solve for, knowing well that the task on hand is to generate options and explore problem-solution fit. He embraces feedback as a challenge and an opportunity to grow his craft (he's a learner, folks!).

He is incredibly knowledgeable and up-to-date on design patterns in the digital space (not just Web and app) and delivers beautiful, intuitive interactive designs. Chris is a methodical thinker and designer. Needless to say, I highly recommend!
Michael Mallari Sr. Manager, Analytics & AI Center of Excellence at Charles Schwab
I had the pleasure of working with Chris as a team member on multiple projects. He is a highly skilled and detail-oriented designer with a deep understanding of product design. He is a true asset to any design team, and I highly recommend him for any future design roles.
Adi Milner Director of Engineering at Synack
Chris was definitely an asset to our team. He was collaborative working with the cross-functional team, a good listener, and respected everyone’s viewpoint.
Bindiya Abhinkar Engineering Program Manager at Apple
Chris is an excellent team member with no ego and complete professionalism. He was always happy to provide feedback, support and share his knowledge. Chris represents how a product designer should function, he brings high ethics, empathy and is customer centered.
Sara Swaner UX Researcher at Synack
Chris and I have worked together off and on for the past 10-12 years. Chris is incredible at what he does, and I'm fortunate to have worked (and learned!) with him throughout this time.
Frank Manno Engineering Manager at DigitalOcean
One of Chris's strengths is his ability to build strong relationships with cross-functional partners. He worked closely with his PM partner to create a culture of trust within the product team, where team members felt comfortable providing constructive feedback and advocating for their own ideas. This resulted in a very high-performing product team.

I really appreciated Chris's love for learning and desire to bring new ideas to the table, which contributed greatly to valuable conversations and discussions on how to operate more efficiently.
James Valladares Head of Product Design at Synack
Thanks for all you did for the device and product marketing teams. Your team always delivered. Keep in mind these initiatives were for pretty high-stakes projects for major partners such as Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Chris has touched most, if not all, of our major initiatives while working on smaller projects simultaneously. For companies out there reading this—you won't find a more strategic, forward-thinking, and dedicated designer than Chris.
Paul Lawrence Crespin Head of Device Strategy at Verizon/Visible
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I am an experienced end-to-end Digital Product Designer

Me, in my office.

I work for clients in Denver, Boulder, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Austin, Toronto, Bangalore, and Singapore, with bootstrapping startups and Fortune 50 companies.

I believe in an iterative, user-centered design process and participate in all phases of a product, from discovery to delivery to iteration.

I collaborate with product managers and engineers to ensure our customers' success to create value for the business. I focus on the customer experience over time as they interact with the product, brand, and company as a whole.

Office hours
I love meeting with design teams to learn how they work. Happy to meet new designers— let's chat!


UX Foundations: Information Architecture
Certificate ID: AUSRC6jHmUf8RwhZRYZaXUNRef2k

Understanding Information Architecture
Certificate ID: AbrlX3AFVO_xSbza-uvCqNLcN45T

Learning Design Research
Credential ID AWn8h9f9T6LgY9i52aSlH4fq0nYF

UX Deep Dive: Mapping
Credential ID AaEhXOb11FkN2P4Bex4Zv0AVOej4

Learning Design Research
Credential ID AWn8h9f9T6LgY9i52aSlH4fq0nYF

UX Foundations: Research
Credential ID Aba5DYi5j7HGk6vuEG7Lmr5sFkQd

UX Research Methods: Interviewing
Credential ID AbMBlifi-4_s5r3joMnHBPYZX7J6

UX Research Methods: Card Sorting
Credential ID ARJXsXEfxGb3_sdVOUYH9MmwBTLT

Agile Foundations
Credential ID AULWv6hNNTci2xKigc8K4EaKRMeZ

Design Thinking: Implementing the Process
Credential ID AZpyG2Wx4LRdJ6-KIRybvO7u35pL

Design Thinking: Understanding the Process
Credential ID Ae45IXCRzHgK06S8VbOutyNgK3i3

Scrum: The Basics
Credential ID AdIyuBSLBrjIs74-oHaX_aHG_ws5


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